Madame Zelda Actors Only

Important Information For Actors

• Always check the website for any unforseen changes. If there is any change in the rehearsal schedule it will be posted here
• Rehearsal absences may result in losing a role or in recasting
• Please call or text message if you will be late or absent T:630-234-2776. Do not call the history center!
• All actors will be responsible for bringing the script to each and every rehearsal.
• All actors are responsible for recording blocking (stage movement) in the script
• All actors must memorize lines and blocking by the scheduled date
• All actors must respect other actors
• Actors are not to give direction to other actors. This is the sole responsibility of the director

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View Schedule

Call or text message Maria if you will be late or absent.

(630) 234-2776

Email Maria for general questions or concerns.


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